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It’s been a while, I know. Things got really busy with school, and aren’t cooling down. I do want to provide information on how things are panning out with all the school work that has me swamped.

Senior Capstone

Digital signal processing is hard. Filters are really hard. The only module currently functioning as intended is a simple logic comparison module with no fancy equations of any sort. Trying to implement cascading filters for the second module has resulted in an interesting noise generator, not an effective filter. I am starting the delay module, and I hope that it is easier to implement than the filters. Filters are not something you can just dip your toes in. They are worthy of a whole course. I should have taken that into account when choosing which order to work on the modules, but here we are.

Studio Production

Projects, projects, and more projects. The best way to learn how to mix is through experience and practice. Despite the clunky nature of ProTools on Windows1, I have gotten much more confident with the software. I still prefer Reaper because I can use it on Linux 😉.

Honors Seminar

I decided to try using Marp for making a presentation, and I love it. The part of making presentations I’ve always had the hardest time with have been the styling of slides. Marp let’s me focus on the content. It’s awesome. If I want to make styling changes later, I can easily export my slides to PowerPoint.

Data Communication Systems

More and more protocol and standard memorization to do. Network design and administration deals with a whole lot of layers. My understanding of networks has advanced so much.

  1. I bought my laptop in 2016 when my only priority was gaming. I wish I built a desktop PC, but you can’t change the past. I’ll keep that sucker going as long as I need. I’ve already upgraded the SSD and RAM, and replaced the battery, keyboard, and SATA cable for the disk drive. Invaluable skills for sure.