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* In my opinion, of course

I am by no means a music reviewer, neither do I wish to be nor claim to be. I enjoy slowly creeping in the expansion of my music tastes rather than consuming every new release I can. PVRIS is a band which I have been following since high school, and with every subsequent release their music becomes more and more impressive. With a total of four studio albums out now, I can say with total confidence that EVERGREEN is the best of them all*.

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen serves as the creative lead behind PVRIS and is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Her skill as a songwriter had been evident since PVRIS’s first studio album, White Noise, and it has grown with time. Each subsequent album showed more sophistication in production and experimentation with sound and audio techniques. EVERGREEN showcases the current apex of these different aspects being the most musically and sonically experimental. While artists are by no means required to innovate in the use of musical and production techniques, I quite enjoy the implementation of unique sounds and techniques.

One aspect required for a good album* is cohesion between the tracks. That is, if you listen to the album all the way through in the intended order is there some level of cohesion whether it be thematically, musically, or sonically. EVERGREEN is quite cohesive in its tracks. The theme of the album can be gleaned from the lyrical content which is just reinforced by the music. Lynn expresses obvious contempt for the music industry in songs like “GODDESS”, “I DON’T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE”, and the title track “EVERGREEN”. The other songs present on the album serve to reinforce this theme in their own different ways. The album does end on an uplifting note with the line “I’m gonna be evergreen” from “EVERGREEN” serving as a defiance to the pushback characterized by the rest of the album.

The other aspect to a great album is the ability for tracks to stand by themselves*. It also stands that every single track off of this album is an absolute banger. Each could be placed on a separate album and still maintain their impact. The individual power if the tracks is only amplified by their presence on the same album which just elevates the album to its absurd musical heights.

Basically, please listen to EVERGREEN. It will be worth your time.